Anna Sui’s Message: Love, Peace, Runway

Anna Sui’s show on Tuesday evening was a unique representation of a reminiscent 60’s and 70’s high fashion. ‘Hippie’ inspired deluxe it reminded me of a higher fashion free people/Jimmy Hendrix, yet it was all Anna Sui.

We saw starts such as Taylor Hill, GiGi Hadid, Bella Hadid and even Kendall Jenner graced the runway in rich dark hues, juxtaposed with the softness in fringe and flower patterns, pulling past’s colorful memories and mixing it with present’s timeline, it was a dream come true. While several designers looked towards the future, Anna Sui took the scenic route in pulling inspiration from a variety of different sources, her show was a masterpiece on edge.

Maybe it was the use of well-known supermodel names that made her line look so sultry and sexy, and productive, every piece I envied to throw on and walk out the door in. I felt entranced under Anna Sui’s spell, captured in luxurious hues, and knee high boots to die for, Sui never fails to amaze.

With nostalgic music setting the tone for the show, and the iconic backdrop of a sunrise, it was a sweet sight, that encompassed my entire being. One that everyone needs to see, through Anna Sui’s kaleidoscope eyes, you can picture yourself in Anna Sui’s clothing, and also be transported back to a rich memory that we’d all like to be a part of.

Here are some pictures from the show, courtesy of @annasui on Instagram. Check out her Instagram, check out her line, if Anna Sui calls you, answer it.

Check Out @AnnaSui and @nytimesfashion On Instagram For More Pictures

From Left To Right: Nytimesfashion, Anna Sui, Anna Sui

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