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Fall Trends to Actually Follow This Fall

"Clothes are like the essence of our lives, the fabric that meshes us all together, and this fall, if you’re looking for style inspiration, look no further."

     I always ask myself the question every year, “What do you feel most comfortable in?”, followed by an overproduction of sifting through my closet, keeping what I’ve worn this past summer and ditching everything I’ve lost interest in.

     It’s that time of year, the transition between hot humid air and swimsuits to brisk fall air and layers. All I know is that the trends are in, and tips I’d like to keep in mind to get more use out of my closet and to stop buying items with a shorter life span.

      Clothes are like the essence of our lives, the fabric that meshes us all together, and this fall, if you’re looking for style inspiration, look no further.

Georges Hobeika Fall 2017

RED: red on red on red on red. Yes, we can’t get enough and either can designers, the color red appeared in almost every line, and it’s your turn to incorporate it into your own wardrobe. Dress it up with red satin pants, with a matching red sweater, or chic with a white shirt to balance out the strong hue. Sometimes wearing monochrome feels so rebellious, the white shirt or blue shirt will balance out and make you look less like a crayon. Red is great as an accent color, regardless of wanting to make a statement or not, even the slightest red accessory will draw attention, and isn’t that what every girl wants?

Zuhair Murad fall 2017




Plaid: Gingham has become the modern element for trends, and plaid is this fall’s trend. This plaid trend fits pretty easily into a normal wardrobe, while designers like Tory Burch, are featuring plaid on the runway , it is easy to duplicate at home in your own closet. Its about finding original ways to duplicate this plaid trend, and it’s easier than you think. Pair a slight plaid sweater over a dominant plaid skirt and take advantage of this cute and sophisticated trend. If you don’t want to go pattern crazy, add a plaid accessory to add sophistication to any outfit.
Christian Dior Fall 2017

Deconstructed: Wearing monochromatic colors while playing with textures, makes everything more fun in an ever changing wardrobe. You can think of the deconstructed trend in more colors and more textures. You can easily find these in department stores and favorite retails stores alike. The deconstructed trend is in, and much easier to find amongst our favorite designers.

Marchesa Fall 2017




Fringe: McQueen used Fringe a lot this season, Fringes work really well as a hem detail, it looks classy and still allows fringes to work. Have fringe fun, and add a fringed piece to a simple skirt, or even a jacket. a simplistic take on your attire, yet adds enough detail for mystery.

Elie Saab 2017 Fall collection

Feathers: This trend is beautiful, but not very practical. When we looked at top designers, feathers came in patterns, and jackets. While most of us might not be able to rock a coat full of feathers, they have become a popular anecdote to shirts and skirts this season. Beautiful, and elegant details make for a unique and glamorous appearance.


Louis D. Hernandez Fall 2017
Belts: Last but not least, I noticed that belts are quite the accessory on the runways this season. Belts are being used as props to put together outfits, and it’s your turn to add thick belts into your closet mix. Belt winners? We got it, and they are adding high definition and shape to our outfits this fall, and we couldn’t be more in love.

         Trends come and go. A lot of times I’ll find myself falling in love with a trend just as new ones come out. These trends are simplistic, elegant, and in budget for any fashionista who’s looking to follow this fall. What are you waiting for? Be bold, simple and mysterious, in these trends you can be all of the above.

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