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Fashion Documentaries that will make you want to start your own business

"Clothes are like the essence of our lives, the fabric that meshes us all together, and this fall, if you’re looking for style inspiration, look no further."

Netflix has recently added a bunch of new shows and movies on their queue and that means a handful of fashion documentaries.

I recently found myself caught up watching and re-watching a few this weekend that cradled my inspiration, and had me wanting to jump the gun and start my own business. There’s something so divine about the creative process and where it lead these stellar individuals. If starting your own business isn’t your forte, watch these for inspiration in starting the new year off on an elevated foot.

A few I recommend so far:

  1. House of Z:
    Source: Zac Posen on Instagram follow @zacposen                                                                                                                            A fall from grace, Zac Posen’s journey to the top in an unlikely comeback. The documentary follows Posen’s rise to fame, and his tumble into normalcy, only to make one of the greatest comebacks in fashion designer history. Created by Sandy Chronopolous, this film is able to pull you into the artistic culture that Posen grew up in, and encompass you in his magic between attending art school and having a career take off at only 21 years of age. He was the designer that fell and accused of peeking too early, yet, Posen’s raw emotion and confessions make him vulnerable and loveable. You have no choice but to root for him in his journey to the top. House of Z is able to weave’s Posen’s career into artistic expression and catapult his audience to newfound inspiration through his humbling mindset in accepting the past and moving forward.

    2. MADDMAN:

    Steve Madden; source: MADDMAN documentary                                                                                                                                                                               Who is Steve Madden, really? You may have worn his shoes, or seen his retail stores all over the United States, but you won’t know Steve Madden until you see MADDMAN. A documentary created by Ben Patterson, explores Madden’s many lives. He is consistently interviewed in jeans, a tee shirt and a baseball cap, a casual dress for a billionaire who founded his own shoe company. If you can’t place Madden from his shoes, you may recall him from the Wolf of Wall street. In interviews with Steve, his life is eye-opening, at 60 years old, he reflects on having an investment of just $1,000, living the Wolf of Wall street in real life, spending time in jail, becoming a drug addict and eventually building his empire to making $22 million in just three hours on Wall street. MADDMAN leaves Steve Madden’s life on the table, raw, and ugly, just like he wanted it and it’s inspiring to watch.

    3.  Chaos & Creation:


    Source: Manrepeller, check out their blog at         Francesco Carrozzini, Franca’s son, created this film in memory of his mother’s legacy. This documentary, the shots are absolutely breathtaking, you feel like you are the photographer behind the lens, creating the beauty yourself. Sozzani is known for her revolutionary leadership at Italian Vogue. While magazines around the world were trying to appeal to the mass market, Sozzani showed issues through fashion that were present and happening in the world that surrounded her, and often ended up being controversial topics such as abuse, plastic surgery, and women who were arrested. She also came out with an all-black Vogue in July 2008 shedding light on segregation in the fashion industry. The documentary reflects this dream Sozzani had, and creates a beautiful memoir reliving the iconic woman who refused to be silent.

    While fashion remains to be a fast-paced, cut throat environment, it’s refreshing to see documentaries of fashion legends who came from humble places, and remain iconic today. While you can’t repeat what these three legends have accomplished, you can certainly feel inspired and ready to start your own passion after watching these documentaries. Sometimes it isn’t the stories we tell, but the stories that make us who we are, and what we choose to do with that story.


    Fashion documentaries may even convince you to start your own start-up, I’ll wait.









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