Tom Ford and Adam Selman: A Fashion Week Insight


    Starting Fashion Week on an Interesting foot, designers such as Tom Ford and Adam Selman were among the first to showcase their talents among a loyal, but excited crowd.

    Tom Ford delighted us in a retro looking shoulder-padded dresses, nude colors and baby blushes. Famous faces graced the stage such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who were among several girls wearing a more retro-modern take on runway fashion.

    Between short pixie cuts, blazers and feminine 90 styled cuts, Ford kicked off New York Fashion Week with a bang.

    His collection was easy on the eyes, but also a familiar avenue from Ford, which isn’t at all bad. Between hot pink blazers, blush, feme tones, it made for a classy entrance into New York Fashion week’s most subtle and elaborate ambiance, that you’d only imagine at Cinderella’s glass slipper party or an evening wear competition at an upscale fashion pageant.


    As the lights dimmed, it seemed as though fans and audience’s alike were overcome with the luxury themselves, encompassed with the soft and vibrant fabrics that entered the runway. A mixture of new and old, a recipe for perfection, models shined in shoulder padded-blazers, bodysuits paired with luxurious tailored pants, slouched to expose their hips and even, feminine, and regal evening gowns. There was a bit of a pause, before exposing the evening gown presentation though, a pause to dim the lights even more, before star Gigi Hadid walked out in a stunning blush pink colored evening gown, and Kendall Jenner following close behind in a black even gown exposing her shoulder. A reflection of the ‘every girl’, outfits varying from day to night, a Ford signature and a mesmerizing set fit to catch the light. Polished, posh and perfect described this show, and the more I re-watch it, the more I fall in love.

    1*M9n_B36qpvYTa0ABTS6KSg@2xAdam Selman’s show also brought about mixed feelings, in a strikingly good way. Starting his show off with vibrant green trousers and long satin coats, and transitioning to gingham sets following with odd bee-keeper visor inspired head gear, flowy fabrics juxtaposed with monochromatic jean jumpers, fit for a picnic in the park. A quick transition to evening wear, featuring touchable soft fabrics, intermingling with pearled detailing, and my personal favorite, the glittering satin trench coat. Even feathers were featured in the long line between a day for a picnic to, glamorous night on the town. Coined as a designer that is capable of dealing with the big leagues, his pieces are wearable with an element of extravagance, which I really admire.

    Check out Tom Ford’s Designs on top and Adam Selman’s creations below, and form your own take on their shows. Tell us what you think, check more from Tom Ford @tomford on Instagram and Adam Selman’s collection @adamselman Instagram(where these pictures are from and where I give enormous credit to)



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