The Stress of Moving and All the Clothes I Didn’t Take With Me

I just moved to Boston, and although it is so exciting, nerve racking, head over heels blooming with overarching support and unrest, packing is never fun.

After calling myself a nomad, and having the opportunity to constantly live in different places, I thought I had packing down to a science, but when it comes down to it, it is always the same, difficult, stubborn and too thick to enjoy it.

In doing so, I knew I didn’t want to move a lot of my stuff. I already had the mindset that this was necessary but this isn’t going to be fun and I wanted to make the move as easy as possible. I donated clothes in preparation for this move, but it didn’t make it any less stressful.

What clothes should I get rid of? What are my real reasons for getting rid of the certain items that I did? Here is the thought process of someone on the move, and what it means to your closet:

  1. Okay, I’m moving let’s get rid of the bin I’ve had sitting in that corner for a year, filled with clothes I have wanted to get rid of since I moved from my last destination. Easy Peasy.
  2. *Starts folding clothes into designated Compartments*, oh wait, all of these clothes are not going to fit, let’s go through each one and decide if I really like it, *proceeds to take all the clothes I just folded out and go through each one separately*
  3. I eliminate the clothes I don’t like, and proceed to fold once again, but then decide that some of the clothes I’m folding are never worn, I proceed to add these items to the donation pile.
  4. I get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in six months or more, because chances are, if I haven’t worn them yet, I never will.
  5. I get rid of clothes that I liked initially in purchasing, however they don’t make me feel confident when they are on. There’s just something about these items that look great on the hanger, but on me, I’m constantly overthinking the pulls, and patterns in the fabric and if it will make me look big, small or in between today, I’d rather not take the chance, get rid of it.
  6. There, I think I have the final pile. Let’s move to Boston.
  7. I get to Boston, I start unpacking my clothes, and I realize that my tastes are changing, and some of the items I have I don’t want anymore.
  8. No worries, my closet always gives me the opportunity to go through my clothes, but it’s such a hassle, it is just so much easier to keep the items I kinda don’t like, save them for the end of the year in case you change your mind.
  9. Let’s wait a year till my lease is up to determine if these clothes are meant to stay, in the meantime I’ll wear the same outfits that I feel best in, ignoring those pieces I have neglected to get rid of right away as they wait for their opportunity to be donated, hello next year.

Moving is never an easy thing, but I feel like all of us go through the same thing when going through our clothes no matter who you are. Unless you’re closet is full of go-to items, it is highly likely that a lot of your closet is never worn, why wait till you next move? Because it is inevitable and no matter how much of a planner you are, you will have second thoughts during the time when you are forced to make a decision. The struggle is real, and it might sound like too much over thought, and unwanted stress, but even at my calmest, after yoga or a ten minute meditation session, my closet and I will always have a iffy relationship and I guess that just comes with growing, minimizing, and discovering your personality, your life experiences, your closet choices. If only it was as easy as wearing gowns and dresses everyday, but that’s just not realistic. Ah well, till the next year, stay put closet.


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