My New Year Traditions

Wait, Christmas is already over? This year has flown by, but I’m shocked by how fast Christmas came and went. My favorite time of the season is almost over, and it is almost time for new years eve!

That being said, New Years eve gives me ALL of the vibes for a good time. In spending the new year in 4 different locations in 4 years, I’ve been blessed to see how different places celebrate, eat for the new year, an even dress.

There is something so magical about the countdown to the new year, the hope for new possibilities and the warm reflection from the previous year that ignites heartfelt feelings.

I completely adore the new years experience, getting ready, spending it with people I love, and the 2017 last moments countdown. We all have them, the resolutions are never-ending and every family and friends experiences together are different, so I thought I would share some of my own.

For as long as I can remember I always spent New Years Eve with my best friend. We’d make popcorn, lay out sleeping bags and watch the ball drop, talk about boys and celebrate. Since I’ve gone off to college, I have spent New Years in a multitude of different ways, and I love that no matter where you are, New Years always feels the same. The anticipation of the night ahead, the excitement of getting ready and being able to dress-up however you want. Surrounded by everyone else who is hopeful for the same thing, a happy new year. This is exactly why New Years is my favorite holiday, my boyfriend and I still love finding new places to go for New Years, because we wouldn’t have it any other way. And while my boyfriend and I have recently moved to Boston, I am not ready to give up this tradition yet.

Since I’ve left my undergrad school in Colorado I have spent New Years in California, Maryland and New York. California, was a combination of Eve parties. That year, we had flown in from New York and arrived at my friends party, it smelled like chicken nuggets and wine. A small gathering, full of salsa and tango dancing, having fun, and not caring about anything other than having fun. The next party, we ended up at was my boyfriends friend group. An apartment party full of balloons, drinks and party hats. We celebrated in style and around a bunch of friends who vowed to make the next year better, we sang and passed around champagne. There is something about champagne that makes parties feel like they are much more important than they are, its magic makes the day feel so golden, special and particularly happy.

The year we moved to New York, we spent more time at one party. In New York City, during January it is the coldest New Years Eve I had ever had. Times Square seems like a good idea until you are standing out in the cold, and your freezing your butt off. We decided to stay with my brother at his friends party in the Bronx. In a tiny apartment we had a lot of fun playing games and getting ready to head out to a bar to watch the ball drop, with old floors creaking and window panes dressed with fresh snowflakes. On the way out to the bars later, we were able to meet a homeless lady and give her a hug in celebration of the new year. New York City is like that, regardless of where you go, or how far you walk, you are always bound to meet someone new on the way, make a new friend, hear a new story, learn a new song. That being said, the walk to the bar seemed like we were stuck in an old picture frame, the streets aren’t paved with gold, but they sure do shine.

Even while New Years holds a special place in my heart, each year is different. It amazes me that I can be in California and New York and feel the same for one holiday that holds endless possibilities.

Last year, new years took place in Washington D.C. Seeing my friends on New Years Eve and staying at an Air B&B allowed the richest experiences. Clemson football is my friend Jill’s favorite football team and they happened to play on Christmas Eve. We found a bar that had open bar and streamed the game. Clemson won in serendipity in tandem with the ball dropping, and I had my most hilarious experience at the next bar we went to. I met a guy who taught at a school in D.C. and a few women who danced for a dance troupe in D.C. for a week before jetting off to Europe. I’m awaiting what this year will bring in Boston.

There are so many New Years traditions, and everyone’s may be different, but the moral of the story is, we all feel the same about the New Year right? There is something so refreshing about a new year. It means a fresh slate, metaphorically trusting ourselves to bloom and make the new year our own, promise new beginnings, rekindling old feelings, trying something new and above all else, start fresh.

I know that many of us, including myself are just getting back from the whiplash of how fast the holidays flew by. Most of us are scrambling to wake up from our holiday treats and slumber, anxious about the New Year and I’m sending hugs to you all. It is never easy to keep the spirit of the holidays going but I’ve heard reflection helps, in igniting a fire that heals the soul, just in time for a new year resolution.

Stay tuned for New Years outfits………



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