Ballin’ on a Budget: A Guide to Smart Dressing


Maybe the secret to smart dressing isn’t setting a budget, maybe you don’t have to have a budget at all. Maybe the secret to seasonal trends is to find inspiration in your own closet. This is another edition of styling from your closet to the street, and amazing outfits shouldn’t break the bank.

Before you say, “you have nothing to wear”, Calm down babe. We have your back, and this time find inspiration in the clothes that you already own. Embrace your closet, and try new things, it is a resolution we can’t refuse ourselves.

The purpose of this post is to provide ways to pair colors and pieces together, often we envy an array of fashion icons with items we don’t have, or can’t afford. I call this the fashion  loop. You already have all the tools, give yourself some credit and start creating.

Here are 5 outfits I reintroduced into my weekly cycle, living proof that while I have favorite designers, on a budget I’m worried most about looking fashionable.

  1. Ultra Violet: I have had these bright orange trousers in my wardrobe from H&M to force myself to get friendly with color, it worked. This blazer is from the thrift shop and I paired it with a simple white t-shirt.


2. The Meadowlark: This outfit was inspired by the parent trap, but perfect for a preppy spring look. This button-up skirt trend is everywhere, and easily found in thrift shops, the shirt is from Columbia on sale and I accessorized with a gingham headband to complete this look.


Red Magic: Featured at the top of this story is this magical casual outfit. These jeans were found in a salvation army, dark blue skinny levi jeans, paired with a thrifted red button-up and a jacket my mom handed down to me. This was a Wednesday, and I didn’t want to fuss with my hair so I threw it up in a high top knot.


Nu Santa Fe: This outfit came out of pairing three items I would never pair together normally. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried to pick items that were easily wearable for work, but that could reflect my personal style. This dark purple skirt was thrift-ed, the sweater was handed down, and my bodysuit is from Free People(the most expensive item), and paired this outfit again with a gingham headband.


Leisure Lotus: This outfit was inspired by Carmen San Diego meets desert flower. I wanted a pop of color, and wanted to keep it minimal. This dress was on sale for seven dollars at Forever 21, and this hat was thrift-ed.


Find inspiration in what you like first, and the rest should come naturally. Any style, any budget, created just for YOU.




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